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Fata din Imparatia Pernelor

A fost odata ca niciodata, nu cu mult timp in urma, intr-un taram nemaivazut, nu foarte indepartat si mereu minunat, o tara numita Imparatia Pernelor. Locuitorii erau niste oameni vrednici si veseli si care se pretuiau bucuriile vietii. La palatul Imparatiei traiau fericiti imparatul si imparateasa si o multime de slujnici care ii ajutau cu treburile casei. Slujnicii se simteau tare bine la palat. Erau platiti pentru munca lor, dar more »

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priceless moment no. 25

air conditioning… blessing or torture ancient rome and medival persia or 2nd century china were no strangers to the benefits of air conditioning.me neither :-))))

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priceless moment no. 24

now we are born. we live, we grow, we cry, we laugh, we love and, in the end, we die.we remember the past, we dream about the future and we should tresure more the „now”.and in this „now”, never give up hope, never let go happiness.smile! have a nice summer!

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priceless moment no. 23

fly over the clouds Razele soarelui cad cu blandete pe paginile revistei. mai intorc o pagina si sorb usor din cafea. Stewardesa trece grabita printre randuri si se intoarce cu un pahar cu vin pentru doamna din fata. Mirosul strugurilor imi patrunde usor printre nari si ma face sa ma gandesc la un week-end departe de orasul nebun, la crama de pe deal. Imi arunc privirea pe geam si nu-mi more »

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priceless moment no. 22

living XXIst century mobile phones, android, google everything and anything, bubble bath, aromatherapy, 10MP cameras as a normal camera, formula milk for babies with probiotics, fast cars, airplanes, HD television, HD sound, 3D movies, home air conditioned in hot summer etc…


this song is dedicated to all great women I know…

and especially to someone… I think she knows who she is 🙂 Just click here: Always a Woman look for the one who would sing this to you, from his heart he will be the one, the ONLY one who deserves a woman like you to be trully apreciated is not negotiable, it’s a must

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priceless moment no. 21

check-in in the last available room 35 degrees announced in the city – that’s a nightmareso the next logical step is to run to the mountainswhere we found a much breathable airlucky me, there is still one available room for this night! what a good news!looking forward to the next morning, when I’m going to enjoy my breakfast at 19 degrees (I hope so…) yoouuupiiiiieeeeeee !!!!!!

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priceless moment no. 20

the day your country wins FIFA World Cup it may happen only once at four yearswhen it happens, you never forget itand wish it happens again 1st match result: 1-1I wonder… who’s going to be the lucky one this year?

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priceless moment no. 19

relax, you’re gorgeus! For sure you already knew it. But it’s so good, refreshing and flattering to hear it from others 🙂Well, if the others are too stubborn to let you know, than you can simply talk to yourself in the mirror :-)))

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priceless moment no. 18

accept you may appear quite stupid to someone sometimes If you appear stupid, the other one may ask him/herself if you really are stupid or not. And so should you. Yes, it hurts, but, let’s face it, you should always be honest to yourselft. Whatever, whenever. Because it’s better to understand and accept than deny it. Well, I’m in a good mood today, am I not? #%$^%$^*&$*^%

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priceless moment no. 17

laugh! it’s good for your health Don’t believe me? Well, try to find some related info. Google it.Then do it. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Loud. Louder. Whisper your laughter. Smile. Laugh.Lay down on the ground and laugh for 5 minutes. Every day. Your mood will change. You will change. I tried it. It worked. But, to be honest, I tried it a few years ago. And quit it because I feared some may more »