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priceless moment no. 17

laugh! it’s good for your health Don’t believe me? Well, try to find some related info. Google it.Then do it. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Loud. Louder. Whisper your laughter. Smile. Laugh.Lay down on the ground and laugh for 5 minutes. Every day. Your mood will change. You will change. I tried it. It worked. But, to be honest, I tried it a few years ago. And quit it because I feared some may more »

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priceless moment no. 14

returning home after a long week-end Being a few days away from home doesn’t seem much. You also have to take into consideration that most probably you have enjoyed the time spent during the little holiday, that the accommodation was fine and the food was quite good and you didn’t have to work at all to prepare it 🙂 But as soon as you enter into your home, you just fell more »

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priceless moment no. 12

cry as loud as you can accept that crying is no crime, no shame, no coward labelcry till it starts to raincry till you run out of tearscry till you feel your heart brokencry till your soul keeps its breathcry loud, cry as long as you can, cry till your cloths are wetcry but never look backcry and accept yourself. accept the others. accept the facts. accept the life. and, in more »


songs for a romantic mood

are you in a romantic mood? very good! here are a few song I love to listen from time o time: Barbra Streisand – Woman in Love ( Bryan Adams – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? ( Marc Anthony and Tina Arena – I want to spend my lifetime loving you ( Meat Loaf – I would do anything for love ( Queen – Love of My Life ( Elvis Presley more »