momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 78

January 1st, yesterday

There is something special about the first day of the year. People have faith. Some have new habbits. Some just for the day, some for a week or two, some for a lifetime. It is the time to draw the line to the past. It is the time for resolutions, promises and hope in our lifes.
All year long we wait for it as a promissing future; there is only one time we can call it yesterday. Today. 

priceless moment no. 77

snowflake flight. floating. immortal.

I am the frozen wind that stops. I am the lost drops at rain that stare at the sun through the rounded rainbow. Well… to be honest, I wish I was all these… I am just the snowflake that doesn‘t dare to fall.

Free, light, I have stopped bellow the clouds so I can watch the world. I let myself float over seas and plains, over mountains and animated cities. I admire the wonders of the world. I look for the last flowers left behind. I see the kids playing. I see grown ups playing. I feel the joy. Sorrow is forgotten these days.

I look back and see lots of my brothers prepared to come to you. Well, that means it’s time to go down to Earth, to you. If the joy of snow is soon coming, I want to be part of it. It might take a few days, just believe in our encounter and the white will cover you when the time is right. So, see you soon!


priceless moment no. 76

the day you understand it

There is a precious moment in anyone’s life when you understand how things go; you don’t run anymore for superlative. That is the day when you really start living your life.

Whatever it was your fairytale dream, about incredible love, tones of money, plenty of laughs, overwelming power, tremendous career… you let them go. And stick to reality. You have a bit of everything and you are happy about it. You accept it, embrase it, and give yourself the true chance to hapiness.

Life is not a chase; it’s a time to enjoy, to treasure, to live with all your heart. To be just fine. To smile anytime you can. To hug the beloved ones when they are still here with you. To remember any good moment and keep it fresh in your heart forever.

You learn to be happy with your life. You make others happy. You are happiness itselft.


priceless moment no. 75

waiting for the shut down

It‘s almost week-end, when comes the time to shut down. The laptop, the worries, the troubles of the week. To shut down everything.
Then turn on the joy, the largest smile you can fit on your face, get rid of ordinary days and live your dreams.
You‘d better hurry, Monday is just a few days away.

priceless moment no. 74

slow down. don’t run.

During two days of week-end, we hurry to catch up all the tranquility moments we missed during the other five days of the week. We are so focused to do everything, that we forget to slow down and live free.
Let’s forget about 24/24 & 7/7 concept, let’s just relax and have our hours of freedom.
Look at the stars in the sky, have a bath in the sea, climb a hill, lie down in grass, take a walk, sing a song, make a cake, kiss your beloved, visit your parents… do what you would have done if we were a hundred years ago.