momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 83

variety by night

some sleepy, some still up
some full of light, some on economy mode
some dreaming, some still at dinner
some at TV, some on internet

I like to open the window, take a deep breath of colder air, at twilight or dawn, and look over the street. It’s so quiet, so simple, so human. I few people laugh and return home from a late party. One or two come and go with their dogs. Everyone with a different story, with hopes, with dreams or sorrows. And myself, at the windows, with my own story.


priceless moment no. 82

end of a perfect simple week-end 

What made it simple? Just being a common one. A bit of walk in a sunny day, a bit of shopping, a lot of fun with the kid at a playground, some cooking for the family, a lot of episodes of a tv series, one early morning and one late morning. Nothing special, just everything at it’s time. Nothing extravagant, just reasonable values.
What made it a perfect simple one? At the end of two full days, I still have power to go on. That’s quality time that could be locked in a perpetuum mobile and not harm my senses.


priceless moment no. 81

a non-valentine’s day

It’s ok not to celebrate this day, almost ending Feb 14th. It’s ok to be alone. It’s ok to have a two-special day if all the rest of your life is as happy as today. It’s ok to be different. It’s ok to not follow trends.

It’s ok to have your own other special day. It’s ok to have great moments any other time. To enjoy life and love in your own rithm. It’s better to sing life in your own word. Celebrate love and treasure it when you have it, every second, not just once a year!