momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 93

an unbelievable optimistic day

from dawn to dusk, optimism and joy surrounded me all day long.
no specific reason. no holiday.
just a perfect feeling that „everything is ok”
I wish all days were like that, for me and all of you!


priceless moment no. 92

a difficult day

while being a burden, a mess of thoughts or a burst of tears, a difficult days ends with something more than the day before. most probably no medal to be received, but experience, accomplishments & a new you, more powerful, are so important. you may rest now. take a sleep and prepare for all that may follow.


priceless moment no. 91

stand-up comedy show

These guy know how to face life. They take any little thing, put it upside down, and then build it again. And they reveal the best part of life and human nature: we pass through life making fun of bad moments, we have the power to look at things, laugh of worst and leave with it.


priceless moment no. 90

go offline for a while
dedicated to those who’s lives have been changes without notice, to those who can still go back

We are so trapped by our pretty new online social environment, that we merely miss the rest. For several years now, we find ourselves caught by certain online social networks, friendship sites, messengers, blogging, sharing life through photos, updating professional status, leading discussions… while outside life itself is breathing under the blue sky and shinny sky, while the wind blows away our years, while our children grow and elders die… Some dance all night, some read for hours, some climb mountains, some cook, some tenderly kiss, some scream, some cry.

If you’re not one of those who were trapped a least once, happily you! Most probably you aren’t reading this, at least not now. But someday, somehow… they’ll catch you too. And at that point, you’ll need to be prepared, you’ll need to know how to breach out.

We can’t escape. We can’t pass by not knowing, not doing it. So we just have to know when it’s enough and really know where the boundary is – between using and being used. We need to know when and how to take a deep breath. We need to learn to step aside and stay. We need to laugh with friends side by side. We need to go online just for a reason. And the reason should be a good one.
We need to know how to go offline for a while.


priceless moment no. 89

wind in summer

It could have been another Monday evening. It could have been an ordinary day. It could have been a simple night fall before the next four working days.
But the wind decided not to be like yesterday. Nor like the week before.
I urged for some fresh air, I dreamed about a few clouds in the sky. I put on a light dress and went outside. As I turned my eyes up, I realized. I heard. I felt. The wind was running through the tree, and leaves seamed to sing as they were balanced. The dark blue sky revealed just a few stars. The coulds seamed rather orange due to city light that went up to reach them. The trees were bending. My hair flew all around. My dress was running by the wind and the cold air was surrounding life itself. The only human-touched sound was from my neighbours’ feng shui door bells.
I closed my eyes and let my heart run with the wind.
The leaves are still singing… but it’s already too late… so I’ll choose a place to sleep. As it may really be my bed, today I’ll call it my palace of wind-pillows.
Good night and sweet dreams, my beloved wind! Today I’m free, as you!