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how do we love music?

This week has been a busy one for me… so didn’t manage to follow my own rule, that is to share something every day… a picture, a word, a thought… or whatever made me happy and can bring joy in your life, too. Instead of „repairing” this leap in my everyday posts, I am not more »

momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 8

enjoy taking a tour of lots and lots of blogs Today, for several hours, I’ve been taking a tour of a lot blogs, randomly picked by „next blog”. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and discovered many interesting people, leaving their life at maximum, quietly smiling at nature, travelling all around the world, inviting us to browse their more »

momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 6

écouter les chansons d’Édith Piaf Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien La Vie en Rose La Foule Milord Padam… Padam… Heaven Have Mercy Les Amants d’un Jour Sous Le Ciel de Paris ils ne sont que quelques-uns de ses grandes chansons… Sa merveilleuse voix gagne le cœur instantanément… De temps en temps, je tiens à me détendre more »