fall’s temptations

Have I lost my way back home
Through the cold and rainy days?
Have I found a new temptation
To reveal my frozen soul?

Who are you to feel my verses,
Who am I to question this?
Did you meet my frozen heart,
Have you treasured the cold spark?

Is it time to play the fall
With its’ colors changing all?
Is it time to hear its’ call
Of the yellow rusted brown?

Should the fall play with my weak patience,
Isn’t time to say goodbye,
To call back all the dark angels,
And embrace any warm smile?

© Iustina Dorobanţu, 2013


2 thoughts on “fall’s temptations

    1. sweet november, sour november,
      will you play a game with us?

      is the winter close enough?
      is my summer gone at dawn?

      is the sun above my rose
      driving rain right through my heart?

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