rânduri de gânduri

just a thought about… a story

Take a story. Let’s say two people and an apple. And a pet. A snake pet. Then, fly in time. Give them the story and see what you get.

*a long long time ago: you give them the story, they don’t get yet. what’s a pet?! if it walks, it could be great food.
*10.000 years BC: you give them the story, and they ask: where are they? if they join us, the tribe will grow and that is good. we invite them.
*early years A.D.: you give them the story and the most influential book is written. the two people are a man and his woman. and a crazy snake with an apple. temptation story goes public.
*in between: you give them the story, they cut your head. just to be sure you don’t say it wrong.
*in between: you give them the story, it will be a bedtime story.
*nowadays: you give them the story, they say: nice story… where’s the movie? it’s something about a couple and the bitten apple. the other one has another brand phone.
*10.000 from now: two people, same android sex, right? pets are only electronic, a living one is an anomaly.
*sometime far away in the future: they don’t get it. all remaining humans are now holographic, so what would serve a pet for?

Don’t get me wrong. That’s not a bad joke about genesis.
It’s about how we stand up against all odds.
It‘s about how things should come at the right time only. No sooner, no later. There is only one point in time for proper understanding.
It‘s about adaptabily, which is the most powerful friend we have. For us, for progress, for the days to come. Then, now, and then again.

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