momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 77

snowflake flight. floating. immortal.

I am the frozen wind that stops. I am the lost drops at rain that stare at the sun through the rounded rainbow. Well… to be honest, I wish I was all these… I am just the snowflake that doesn‘t dare to fall.

Free, light, I have stopped bellow the clouds so I can watch the world. I let myself float over seas and plains, over mountains and animated cities. I admire the wonders of the world. I look for the last flowers left behind. I see the kids playing. I see grown ups playing. I feel the joy. Sorrow is forgotten these days.

I look back and see lots of my brothers prepared to come to you. Well, that means it’s time to go down to Earth, to you. If the joy of snow is soon coming, I want to be part of it. It might take a few days, just believe in our encounter and the white will cover you when the time is right. So, see you soon!

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