choises of life – city guy, village guy

always on the run, the city guy runs through the life as no one else. the city guy knows to have fun. the city girl likes to dress well. they know the bars and discos and enjoy all unimaginable tastes of cocktail, coffees and pizzas. crowded subway is just a normal way of travel. during the holiday, they run from their city to another city or stick to the spa of the hotel in the mountains. the information flows through its veins, mixed with nicotine, gas.

the village guy lives simple. he does not care about the last car presented at show room, he does not care too much about the mobile phone. the village girl is beautiful and happy. she doesn’t know much about fashion, but she is dresses ok. they have one library and enjoy reading bellow a huge tree. the grass smells so fresh that they don’t even realize it. he runs through valleys and don’t feel fatigue after 12 hours on the plateau of the mountains.
more often, the village guy moves to the city and remains there or the rest of his life. happy or note, it was his choice. the choice of going to university. he escaped from the place where everyone knew him.

rarely, the city guy moves from the city to the village. and I would call him a winner. if this was a story, I would say he will live happily ever after.
read it word by word, or see beyond.

city or village, workaholic or a free lancer artist, 2 masters abroad or just high school, single or with four kids, happy or playing happiness, cool or simple.

neither of them is a winner, nor a looser. they are just passing trough life. side by side with me. with you.


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