momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 30

sea breeze salty smell

I have just returned to my hotel room from a walk on the beach. It took me some courage to return to four walls (well, three walls and wide a window glass), as nothing compares to the time spent watching the sea, listening to waves and crickets continuous noise… furthermore, the deep dark blue of the sky reveals thousands of stars shining, trembling, living or dying somewhere far away. For a second, I wanted to lie on the grass and fall asleep there. No worries, no trouble, no problems. For several moments, I felt life was perfect.
Now I’m back in my room, watching tv. Horrible news, terror, despair. Life is not at all perfect . The barrier between happiness and suffering, between life and death, is so fragile, so unimaginable, so painful. I close my eyes and thank God I’m ok. And I hope tomorrow is going to be a good day…
I breathe once again the salty air and go to bed.
Good night, everyone!

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