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priceless moment no. 30

sea breeze salty smell I have just returned to my hotel room from a walk on the beach. It took me some courage to return to four walls (well, three walls and wide a window glass), as nothing compares to the time spent watching the sea, listening to waves and crickets continuous noise… furthermore, the deep dark blue of the sky reveals thousands of stars shining, trembling, living or dying more »


too cold… too hot…

I remember a few months ago the winter was too cold for me… and here we are a few month later, and I hate hot hot summer…

povesti, parinti, copii

Fata din Imparatia Pernelor

A fost odata ca niciodata, nu cu mult timp in urma, intr-un taram nemaivazut, nu foarte indepartat si mereu minunat, o tara numita Imparatia Pernelor. Locuitorii erau niste oameni vrednici si veseli si care se pretuiau bucuriile vietii. La palatul Imparatiei traiau fericiti imparatul si imparateasa si o multime de slujnici care ii ajutau cu treburile casei. Slujnicii se simteau tare bine la palat. Erau platiti pentru munca lor, dar more »

momente. clipe.

priceless moment no. 25

air conditioning… blessing or torture ancient rome and medival persia or 2nd century china were no strangers to the benefits of air neither :-))))