rânduri de gânduri

how do we love music?

This week has been a busy one for me… so didn’t manage to follow my own rule, that is to share something every day… a picture, a word, a thought… or whatever made me happy and can bring joy in your life, too.

Instead of „repairing” this leap in my everyday posts, I am not placing any smiley photo, but share one of my many questions about life & living life.

What is music for us? Are we born loving it or do we learn what it is about only later? When do we become passionate about one style or another? Can we love just modern music and ignore the classics?
Why only just a few dare to play the music? Why the rest of just become the audience? Some choose to play the piano, the violin, the drums etc. For me, those are the ones which truly love music and live it. Still, we (the rest) claim to love the music.
Can we enjoy with same like happiness Vivaldi, Sting, Serj Tankian, Jean Michel Jarre or Manu Chao?
Music gives children a nice audio background when making first steps in life. Music gives lovers a dance opportunity or a romantic sound for a memorable dinner. Music gives elders flashbacks of youth.

Well, I don’t have any answer to my questions, I don’t play any instrument and I will never do it, but for sure I will claim I love music!


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